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Are you, and your research or business-team, coming to Salvador - Bahia - Brazil, with a specific need for any logistical assistance, in your language ?

Searching for practical help to have project organized in Bahia ?

Coming for photo-shooting, film, documentairy, audio-visual production ?

Would you like a need specific information ?

We can completely organise your visit, carefully considering all logistics, translators, overnight stays & hotel-bookings, private transports throughout the whole of Bahia (even by helicopter or plane if there is that need).
Everything taken care of in a flexible, practical and secure way, in YOUR language.

We have availability in English speaking services.

Nous offrons un accompagnement francophone sur place.

Wij hebben Nederlandstalige begeleiding ter plaatse.

GET in touch with us,
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(as you will receive our response within hours of your request)

The next Phone & Whatsapp is available 24/7.
Please state your wishes / information request as detailed as possible.
The more details we have, the better we can respond and personalize your demand.

As we work on a small scale base we offer the BEST possible QUALITY / PRICE ratio and, a nice personalized service, tailored to your needs.

Send us your e-mail and you will be amazed about our efficiency, starting with our fast and complete replies to your request(s).

Greetings from Salvador da Bahia,

Team Ivan Bahia Logistics.
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